Nicole Sorochan

Director, Producer, Executive Producer

Nicole is an award-winning Director who is passionate about re-inventing entertainment through storyworld building and cross-platform experiences. She specializes in hybrid genres while focusing her work on creating impact for global audiences. Beyond her work on Amplify Her, She has launched “Hipster Bait”, a new platform that gamifies real-world music discovery through a mobile augmented reality app. 

She has had the privilege of working with some of Canada’s top documentarians on their digital companion pieces such as Velcrow Ripper and his film “Occupy Love” and Nettie Wild and her film “Koneline Our Land Beautiful.” For Koneline, she created North Through South. She got her start in 2008 producing a series for Al Gore’s Current TV and working with Invisible Children on their “Displace Me” experience. 

As a speaker focused on film, gender and human experience design she has given talks at: Emerald City Comicon, Spark Animation Festival, TedX, UX Week in San Francisco, Women in Film’s Producer Panels and for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Since 2007, Nicole has co-owned One Net Inc., a high profile creative and marketing agency based in Victoria, BC. As acting Creative Director, she leads digital creative and strategy for the world’s largest tech and entertainment brands and has directed web commercials for companies like Google, Lenovo and Uber.

Nicole’s newest endeavor is co-founding Transcend Entertainment, an immersive company dedicated to creating new venues to showcase interactive art with human-centered shows.