David Parfit

Sound Engineer, Mix, Composer

David Parfit is a trained composer with a Master in Music Technology degree from New York University and a passion for exploring non-traditional sounds. Known for his easy-going demeanour, technological expertise, and creative approach, David has created scores that have been heard around the world in theatres, on TV (CBC, BBC, ABC, PBS, ESPN, National Geographic, and others), and on the Internet.

His feature work includes Esluna: The First Monolith (2018, co-scored with Marc Junker), The Hollow Child (2017), Maureen Bradley’s award-winning comedy Two 4 One (2015) and the critically-acclaimed documentary, Saving Luna (later re-edited with narration by Ryan Reynolds and released in US theatres as The Whale – co-composed with Tobin Stokes). Film and TV projects that David has scored have won more than 50 industry and festival awards worldwide.

David is also the owner of Seaside Sound, where he’s accumulated ten years of experience in composing, producing, post-production sound design, editing, and mixing for film and TV.  On top of this, he and business partner Scott Amos run the interactive installation art company Monkey C Interactive, which recently designed and installed the now-well-known Musical Railings in downtown Victoria and Floralume in New Westminster