Amplify Her: Universe is now available

After two years of touring the world, including 100+ screenings, a Purple Carpet Tour, epic dance parties, and many many adventures, we’re excited to now release the rest of the project to the world. 

Amplify Her: Universe builds upon the existing feature documentary, graphic novel and motion comics series, revealing the layers of how this project came together.  

Filmed back in 2015, our Behind-The-Scenes Series showcases the transformation creative retreat that embodied feminine intelligence and flow. All the women involved arrived with curiosity, and left with renewed inspiration and solidarity with their co-creatives. 

The Official Soundtrack showcases 14 tracks of the female artists featured in the film, ranging from evocative world beat to carnal bass and beyond.  WALA, Lux Moderna, A Hundred Drums, CloZee, Kytami and AppleCat weave the soundscape that brings the listener through a rich journey of challenge and celebration. 

Finally, additional interviews and outtakes from the project expand upon the mythological layer of the transmedia world, making visible the archetypal map that was intentionally woven into the fabric of the experience. 

Amplify Her: Universe is the opportunity to fully explore the depth of this creative collaboration, daring to answer the question: what can women create when they’re truly supported in their genius? 

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